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Esther: Seeing God When He Is Silent

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Esther | Seeing God when He is silent 

Where is God when we cannot seem to hear or see Him? He is with us. He is working providently in all things to accomplish His plans and purposes. And nowhere do we see this more clearly than in the book of Esther. Esther is a Bible study that will:

* Show you how to find God in Esther, a book that never mentions Him by name

* Help you see the ways God is working in your life even when He is seemingly silent

* Give you confidence in God’s faithfulness to fulfill His plans and purposes

* Teach you what it looks like to stand courageously for God right where He’s placed you

Special resources within study:

* How to Study the Bible

* Attributes of God

* Timeline of Scripture

* Metanarrative of Scripture

* Esther and the Canon

* Historical Setting, Themes, and Timeline of Esther

* Human Dignity and Esther

* The Providence of God

* The Deliverance of God

* What is the Gospel?

Made in the United States